•  Location:

    Mumbai / Navi Mumbai / Thane, India

  •  Salary:

    0.00 - 3.00 Lakh / Year

  •  Experience:

    1 - 3 Year

  •  Posted by:

    about 4 years ago

Company Profile


Falguni and shane peacock have build a career in fashion by following their own set of rules.  The secret of their success is the unique and unusual styling and attention to detail they give to each design to create luxury

Fashion Coordinator

at Falguni & Shane Peacock as Fulltime

Job Description

If you want to work as a professional fashion director, it is important that you have a wide understanding about the old, new, and existing fashion trends. Fashion director professionals are responsible for a wide variety of tasks that are directly associated to fashion coordination, management, and promotional activities. Also referred as fashion coordinators, these people are tasked to oversee the whole fashion design department. They need to maintain a unified and organized fashion atmosphere to ascertain that the marketing and promotion of a particular fashion line would be a success.

tasks and responsibilities: 

  • devise efficient fashion design plans and foster new fashion concepts
  • properly coordinate advertising as well marketing activities
  • attend runway or fashion shows to acquire new fashion ideas
  • visit major manufacturers and merchandise markets to get new information on the latest fashion trends
  • regularly monitor fashion publications and set meetings with designers to keep up with the changing trend
  • evaluate the potential success of a certain clothing line
  • create effective marketing plans and advertising strategies
  • coordinate with salespeople, designers and manufacturers
  • select garments and accessories that will be used for promotional marketing
  • organize photo shoots, magazine events, and fashion shows
  • share fashion insights and analysis with buyers to help them choose the appropriate inventory purchases 

Key Skills

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