•  Location:

    Mumbai / Navi Mumbai / Thane, India

  •  Salary:

    0.00 - 2.00 Lakh / Year

  •  Experience:

    0 - 2 Year

  •  Posted by:

    about 4 years ago

Company Profile


Newborn Saira was diagnosed with a hole in her heart. Like thousands of children all over India, there was just not enough money to take care of the problem. Two years later, when surgery was finally performed, it seemed too little too late. When she came to us at Ummeed her developmental age was placed at nine months, even though she was two. She couldn’t walk, barely talk and was completely dependent for her basic needs. The Ummeed team recommended regular input from the physiotherapist, speech therapist, and occupational therapist at Ummeed. A home program was devised for Saira’s mother. Throwing themselves fully at the task at hand, Saira and her parents incorporated all the therapists’ suggestions into their daily life with Saira.

Web Designers

Job Description

  • Should Be trained on Web Designer work.
  • Work for Browser compatibilities.
  • Work on GUI & Alignment on Web Designing.
  • Work on Multimedia Web Designing.
  • Work on various Tools for Web Designer.
  • Have knowledge of Tools Installation.
  • Aware of Software & Hardware Requirements.
  • Be a Static & Dynamic Web Designer.
  • Able to Design Forms & Navigation on Assistance.
  • Aware of Domain & Web hosting Requirements.
  • Should work Individually & in Team Environment.

Key Skills

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