•  Location:

    Kolhapur, India

  •  Salary:

    5.00 - 6.00 Lakh / Year

  •  Experience:

    5 - 8 Year

  •  Posted by:

    about 4 years ago

Company Profile


Ghatge Patil Industries Limited adopts the Code of Conduct of integrity and good corporate citizenship in fulfilling their duties to the Company. As the Company’s policy-makers its directors set high standard of conduct for all employees and officers who are committed to conducting business with the highest ethical standards.

Ghatge Patil Industries Limited for many years has a long standing commitment to Business Conduct Guidelines and compliances with applicable laws which provide specific guidance at the highest level to all employees. Those Guidelines remain fully in effect

Vehicle Incharge (Maintenance and Administration)

Job Description

  • Provide reliable and safe vehicles and equipment for use across the distribution center; oversee equipment inspections, preventative maintenance and service
  • Ensure safe work practices and conditions and maintain a safe environment for team members and visitors at the garage in accordance with company policies and health and safety regulations
  • Review and evaluate performance of all vehicles and equipment, address excessive wear and tear or high failure rates and takes corrective action, as needed
  • Assess daily and weekly output, identify trends in productivity and direct the allocation of people, parts, tools and equipment to address day-to-day and week-to-week demand for maintenance and repairs
  • Oversee scheduling of work teams and initiate short and long term planning with supervisors to ensure the needs of the business are met under different and changing business conditions
  • Prepare the operating budgets for the garage, review and finalize operating budgets with the transportation operations manager, and develop and implement work processes to ensure achievement of budgetary and service goals
  • Lead the development of improved work processes and procedures to enhance productivity and effectiveness of assigned work teams, equipment and space; accountable for achieving incremental results from the implementation of these improvements
  • Accountable for the accuracy and completeness of records pertaining to maintenance, fuels, lubricants, tires and parts purchasing and inventories
  • Purchase fuels, lubricants, tires and parts while managing the costs of purchases in accordance with budgets and operating needs
  • Recommend replacement of vehicles and equipment based on assessment of service and maintenance costs versus replacement cost
  • Conduct performance appraisals and coach direct reports to enhance individual and team performance; assist in the development of individual and team performance improvement goals to support achievement of company objective
  • Perform other job-related duties as assigned

Key Skills

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