•  Location:

    Moradabad, India

  •  Salary:

    1.00 - 2.00 Lakh / Year

  •  Experience:

    1 - 5 Year

  •  Posted by:

    about 5 years ago

Company Profile


SONATA has adopted an individual as well as a group lending approach and few other best practices with some minor adjustments to suit local conditions. SONATA lends money to individuals or groups of 10 to 20 women members and designates them as the ultimate guarantor of each of its members. If one member does not repay the loan, no individual in the group is eligible to receive another loan. The operating philosophy of SONATA is to solely focus on providing financial services.

HR Manager

at Sonata Finance Pvt Ltd as Fulltime

Job Description

  • To implement the open promotion policy
  • Salary & Bonus preparation
  • Implementing the productivity-based incentive scheme.
  • Disciplinary action in conjunctions with the company’s labour lawyer and the standing instruction
  • Approval for recruitment of new staff, according to the requirement of the businesses plan.
  • Making sure that women are well-represented among our staff.
  • Staff planning, training & utilization of resources
  • Furnishing, maintenance and security of the office.
  • Supply of stationery, computer consumables, furniture and equipment
  • Attending to the needs of Senior Executives for travel, accommodation and communications;
  • Handling & managing all Insurance activities.

Key Skills

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