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We are an Online Job Portal providing an efficient, economical, easy and effective solution to help companies with recruitment. We are not just providing a service but also a solution for the most important resource- The Human Capital. Various features are integrated through which the process of recruitment will be hassle free.

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The director graduated from the USA and had returned to India. The firm he joined had an average age group of 40+. That is when he decided to recruit the young blood. He paid a lakh to recruit 5 young champs and they left the company within 6 months. The money and energy he invested in searching those champs backfired. This incident made him realize the importance of dedicated fresher’s in any company. He then came up with an idea where the companies can recruit the fresher’s without much ado. This gave birth to Pehlajob, a brand owned by Treezec-E Solutions pvt. ltd, on April 29th, 2013 under the Companies Act, 1956.

Pehlajob.com, though a young company is one of the fastest growing job search networks for college students and fresh graduates. We understand the importance of your Pehla Job, because at this age the youth goes through a lot of Pehla experience, you’ll know what we mean. Well if the youth can choose the future of the country, then why not their own future.

For the recruiters, the site is the perfect platform to save your energy and phone balance to reach an expansive database of talented, entry level employees. There is a wide range of recruitment solutions such as showcasing your company to the graduate community through online videos, presentations etc. This ensures that you are able to reach deserving candidates even in remote corners of the country. It's our endeavor to make your entry level hiring process easier and quicker.

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