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Re-envisioning the Recruitment Industry

PehlaJob is an Online Job Portal that provides a one stop solution for candidates looking for an opportunity and companies looking for an ideal candidate. Our service entitles a tailored experience that creates a synergy across the entire hiring process.

Our Story: PehlaJob is a brain child of our Director, who came across a pressing issue that prevailed in the recruitment business. Companies and Institutions were facing a dearth of qualified candidates while students across educational colleges were hunting for potential opportunities. This moral predicament culminated into the formation of an audacious project named PehlaJob.

The notion to build a seamless experience to cater both candidates and companies were met with great enthusiasm and zeal as people started flooding in to explore vital career opportunities. These fruitful experiences in recruitment and training has developed into friendly ties with institutions across India. Our experience and sheer commitment to deliver meaningful work opportunities make us the fastest growing Hiring and Recruitment agency in India.

PehlaJob, a brand owned by Treezec-E Solutions Pvt. Ltd

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